Future Expansion

In 2017 we kicked off our first-ever capital campaign to begin the next phase of our master plan.  Thanks to generous gifts from many of you,  as of year-end we have raised $255,000 of the $1.2 million dollar goal.   That is enough to begin construction on the new lake, entry structure, and infrastructure for the expansion of camp to the south.  PRAISE GOD! Our prayer is that by the time those projects near completion we will have the balance of funds needed to keep going.   God is doing something special here in Utah and we are privileged to be a part of it.

Recreation Gym - $461,000

  • Description: 8,400 sq ft enclosed recreation area to include a basketball court, gaga pit, storage, and other activities. 

  • Why?  Provides a shaded recreation area in the summer and enclosed in the winter.  Very flexible space for a multitude of events and activities.  Creates a year-round activity space.


Lake and Beach area - $114,000

  • Description: approximately 1.5-acre lake area right in camp.   Beach area with zero entry shallow play space with deep end for blob tower and other recreation.   

  • Why?  Camp needs a summer water feature and swimming area.  Currently, bus kids to a nearby lake for the day.    Water is a huge attraction and draws kids to camp.


Road & Infrastructure Expansion - $110,000

  • Description:  approximately ½ mile long x 20ft wide loop road through camp.  Includes the extension of power, water, gas, & septic systems to new cabin areas.

  • Why?  To open up the new area of camp for the above-mentioned cabins, the camp access road needs to be expanded.  With this infrastructure complete, future cabin additions will be ready to go


Additional Lodge - $320,000

  • Description:  This will be the first lodge in the expanded loop area of the camp.   Sleep 46 campers each.

  • Why?  Demand for space is currently exceeding our supply.   Many groups are too large for us to accommodate.  Ministries are growing in Utah and God is moving.   We would like to keep pace with what God is doing.​

Entry Structure - $8,000

  • Description:  Large ranch-style timber structure located near the bottom of Big Canyon Lane.  Includes automatic gate for security and lighted signage.

  • Why?  Provides a sense of arrival, designates the beginning of camp property, and provides gated security to discourage trespassing.