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Activities Nearby

Things to do off site around Big Canyon

Start Here:


Park City Ice Skating: 435-615-5700
Monday 2-3; Wed 12:45 – 3, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
Rates 20 ppl + = $6 pp. Call with Amanda the party coordinator.


Rockport Reservoir:
Rockport Sports and Recreation at Rockport State Park offers boat rentals, a grill/cafeand store. (435)
$10 per car entrance fee, go to the marina and enjoy the beach there.


River Rafting:


Mountain Biking:
Trails off property:


Horse-Back riding:
Blue Sky Adventures (435) 336-2646


Rails to Trails:
All along the river from Park City to Echo Reservoir and passes within a mile of the camp property.

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