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Where is it located

Classroom and student housing are located in Coalville, Utah, about a 20 minutes from Park City.

How much does it cost?

Tuition for Uncharted is $10,500. Includes the cost of housing, books, materials, wilderness excursions, and mission trips.

Can I participate in school if I

currently serve in a ministry?

Absolutely, as long as the ministry requirements do not conflict with Uncharted's instruction and/or trips.

Who can apply?

Uncharted is uniquely designed for college-aged students, approx. 18-24 years of age.  

Is Uncharted the same as Seminary

or Bible College?

Yes and no. It is not an accredited university, but a discipleship program. Although academics will play a large role, Uncharted engages many different areas of each student's spiritual development.

How long is Uncharted?

Uncharted is 9-months long and runs from September to May. A typical week is Mon.-Fri. 9am to noon, beginning with a time of prayer and devotions. Students will also embark on outdoor experiences in Moab, a stateside mission trip and an international mission trip.

Is it possible to work while in school?

Yes! We encourage all of our students to maintain steady employment while in school.

Is student housing mandatory?

Yes, but we understand that some circumstances do not allow this, so while we encourage it, we will work with each student as necessary.

Is tuition assistance available?

There currently is no tuition assistance, however, our team will work closely with each student as necessary to reach a solution

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