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Why a Gap Year?

A Gap Year is often considered a "year off." However, the proven benefits of taking a Gap Year reveal that it is very much a "year on"! Take a look at some of the research behind the success of Gap Year programs like Uncharted. 

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"In addition to intangibles like greater maturity, improved confidence, and heightened communication skills, students who take a gap year have been shown to do better in college." – TeenLife contributor, Marie Schwartz

"The American Gap Association research found that 90 percent of students who take a structured gap year return to school within a year, and are more likely to graduate on time and with a higher grade-point average." – Jessica Dickler, CNBC

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"The highest three rated outcomes of gap years is that of gaining 'a better sense of who I am as a person and what is important to me' followed by '[the gap year] gave me a better understanding of other countries, people, cultures, and ways of living' and 'it provided me with additional skills and knowledge that contributed to my career or academic major.' – Gap Year Association

"Students who took a gap year typically say they entered college feeling more recharged and focused, while universities say those students often arrive on campus as better leaders — more civically engaged and motivated." – Hope Yen, Associated Press

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