Christian camp & retreats
"My favorite part about camp was learning about God while having fun at the same time."
-- Paul

"Camp offers an environment where my students can build relationships, block out distractions, and focus in on taking their next step in their walk with God."
-- Pastor Jeremy

Who We Are

Big Canyon is a non-denominational camping organization located near Wanship, Utah. The entire camp experience is designed to connect with people in a natural environment and help them focus on what is really important in life, without the distractions of our hectic culture. Our vision is to create lifelong memories that enable life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ.

This is no mere vacation! Camp is a week-long wake-up call. A dynamic camp or retreat experience shakes kids from a society-induced sleep with jarring adventure, thought-provoking discussions, challenging activities, caring counselors, and time for restoration. Despite the unmistakable value of a camp and retreat experience, there is a glaring lack of facilities and programs of this type in Utah. Big Canyon was developed to fill this very void.

Big Canyon offers an incredibly beautiful camp and retreat experience including a rustic lodge with meeting room, sleeping and cooking facilities, five sleeping yurts with inside bathrooms, and event/activities planning assistance. In the state of Utah, Big Canyon is unique in what it offers to its guests! Big Canyon is a first-rate facility that can help build community, nurture spiritual and individual growth, strengthen relationships, and provide needed resources for local churches and other organizations.