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A Note About COVID-19

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Updated Nov 23, 2020

As of November 2020, Big Canyon is open for camps and retreats again in a limited capacity.  Until further notice we are only allowing 50% capacity in each room and masks are required indoors except when sleeping and eating.  We also request that guests keep to "household groups" corresponding with their rooming assignments.  This means household groups should sit together during dining and meeting and maintain 6 feet spacing from guests of other "household groups".


Some of the additional procedural changes:

  • Health screening of all guests and leaders both pre-arrival (at home) and upon arrival at camp (by us or you), including temperature and symptoms check.

  • Widespread availability of hand sanitizers in all sleeping, dining, & meeting areas.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of these same areas.

  • Extensive disinfection between groups of all surfaces in sleeping, dining/meeting, and bathroom areas.  Including mattresses, light switches, doorknobs, counters, toilets, tables, chairs, etc.

  • Constant monitoring of BCR staff health, including isolation if necessary.

  • Immediate, sensitive, and loving isolation and returning to home of any leader or camper with symptoms.

  • Changes to our cooking, prep, and serving procedures.

Our policy moving into the winter and spring will be that we will remain open, with the above mentioned new restrictions and sanitation safeguards, unless we are expressly forbidden to do so by governing authorities.   Each guest group will need to do their own risk/reward assessment when deciding to book a camp or retreat in 2021.  If you do decide to book with us, Big Canyon will do everything within reason to help make your experience both rewarding and as safe as possible under the circumstances.

Although we will continue to have relaxed minimum group size requirements (currently 35 minimum - 75 maximum) for the time being,  penalty-free cancellations and deposit refunds should not be assumed for bookings in 2021.  

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we all try to navigate such unprecedented times.  We look forward to working with you.

The bottom line for us is that we very much consider ourselves partners in ministry with you.  Even though cancellations this summer have had severe financial effects on Big Canyon, we value our long-term relationship with you and share your concern for the health of those you serve.

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