Big Canyon
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Yurt Village

A Yurt is a round structure with insulated vinyl siding and warm heated floors. Their uniqueness and round-ness provide a nice community feel.

Yurts are being utilized by many upscale resorts across the Wasatch to provide high class experiences amid God’s creation. Our yurts play that same role well by providing a temporary residence among the natural surroundings found at Big Canyon Ranch.

This housing provides a unique experience for a group of 12* with its open floor plan. There are 2 showers, 2 sinks and 1 water closet conveniently included in the floor plan. The skylight and windows allow natural light during the daytime and a view of the stars at night. It is a year around facility as the yurt is heated with radiant heat in the floor.

Beginning in Fall 2014 we plan to be able to provide 4 sleeping yurts for our guests. The yurt village also has it's own dedicated meeting yurt making this a great retreat option for your group of 48 people.

*please note that bedding is not provided at this time.